A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The end of the world is near. While the last animals on earth found refuge on the North Pole, you are sent by an intergalactic organization for a special mission called “Noah’s Ark”.

Your goal: save as much animal couples as you can before the terrible “Orange Face” shots you with his giant lasers, or finish to destroy the last floe…


(Keyboard & Mouse)

- Move: [WASD]
- Jump [Space]
- Sprint [Shift]
- Switch weapon [Mouse scroll]

Tranquilizer gun

Shot [Left Click]
Aim [Right Click]

Vacuum gun

Vacuum [Left Click]
Throw a carried animal [Right Click]


The Last Floe [POST LUDUM] - Windows 41 MB
The Last Floe- Windows 41 MB
The Last Floe - MacOSX 42 MB
The Last Floe - Linux 54 MB


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